[solved] Discount + Grace Period possible together?

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I did some research on the grace period - that is, if you purchase a version of Cubase and and next version is released within six weeks, then you are entitled to a free upgrade to the next version of Cubase.

Can this be combined with buying an upgrade from old Artist to the newest Pro version of Cubase? In other words, is it possible to grab such an upgrade at a discount and still be within the time frame of the grace period?

For instance, if I upgrade from Cubase 8 Artist to Cubase 13 Pro, when there is a sale, is it possible for Steinberg to release Cubase 14 within 6 weeks after the sale ends? So that you get the (8 Artist to 13 Pro) upgrade at a discount and still be able to get 14 Pro for free?

Or do they deliberately prevent that kind of overlap (sales/discounts + grace period)?

I’m asking, because I would like to save a bit of money and I am not sure if Steinberg usually announces the exact release date of their newest version of Cubase, or do they just release it unexpectedly to prevent this kind of overlap.

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EDIT: Also, is grace period even possible when upgrading from old to new Cubase? Or is it only for those who purchase a whole new Cubase (without having any previous versions)?

Your first sentence answers everything already.
Discounts make no difference.

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If you buy an update or upgrade cheaply during a sale but wait to activate it, you can actually save a lot of money when a new version comes onto the market, e.g. Cubase 14.
The time of activation (not the price) is crucial whether you are eligible for the grace period.

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Yes, forgot to mention that the date of activation is important for the grace period.

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I am not sure how it works. You are telling me, that when I buy the (8 Artist to 13 Pro) upgrade (at a discount), I will have the option of activating it right away?

But it’s best to wait with the activation until Cubase 14 arrives (to save money)?

EDIT: To rephrase my previous sentence: It’s best to wait with the activation of Cubase 13 Pro until within the 6 weeks before Cubase 14 is released?

That is, to get the free upgrade to 14 with a 13 license.

That depends on what your primary intention is, working with the pro version or saving money on the next version of Cubase.
Most likely, the next version will be available at the end of the year.

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My main goal is to get the most for my money :slight_smile:
Thanks again to the both of you - I wish I could mark both of your replies as “solutions”

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