[SOLVED] Dorico 2.2 seemingly ignoring number of backups per project

Hi community,

I’ve been recently struggling with Dorico 2.2’s backup settings. I want it to store one backup per project for sake of space, so of course I go into Preferences and set “Number of backups per project” to 1. However, Dorico 2.2 seems to ignore this and store more than one backup per file. This did not happen with Dorico 2.1.x.

Am I missing something? Other than that, a big congratulations on the new update.

This is definitely working as expected for me, which is not surprising, since we’ve made no changes at all in this area. Can you try deleting the folder for one of your projects in Backup Projects and then try again?

Hi, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, deleting the folder did not work.

I should probably add that I separated my scores into sub-folders of composers, so “Default Project Folder” isn’t pointing at the folder the current score is. I don’t know if that means anything?

No, that shouldn’t make any difference. If you start a new project and save it, then make small changes and repeatedly save after each change, how many backups do you end up with for that project?

How strange, doing that indeed produces just one backup. Yes, the score I am currently working one was updated from 2.1.10 (Windows).

Is there something interesting about the filename of the project that is producing extra backups, or the folder in which it’s saved? What’s its complete name, and the complete path?

I think I’ve fixed the problem. Apparently, Dorico doesn’t like files being stored in a folder with the same name as the file.

Thanks for trying to help, by the way.