[solved ]Dorico 2 - Add a mouth percussion / rhythm section

Hello all,

I have an acpalla piece (SAATB), which should start with 8 bars of rhythmically spoken, percussive words. How do I add 8 bars so that it looks like in this example?

Is that possible at all?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

What do you think ?

Capture d’écran 2018-06-28 à 15.08.37.png

Honestly, it has not been really easy :wink:
I attach the file here (.zip added to fulfill the needs of the forum, just delete it to open it in dorico) if you want to have a close look at what I’ve done.
essai parlando.dorico.zip (783 KB)

Thanks. I‘ll have a closer look when I‘m back home. How would I add an instrument change? I‘m quite new to Dorico, and it’s features are overwhelming :wink:

You can “give” as many instruments to a player as he/she can play. In setup mode, add instrument (I suggest you watch all the EXCELLENT and short videos from Anthony Hughes on the Youtube channel, it will make you earn a precious time). In galley view, fill the bars as needed, and Dorico will deal with the instrument changes.
Here I had to cheat on Dorico, especially for the Bass line, since there’s nothing to sing at the beginning with the fake “claves” instrument…

Thanks so much guys. So far I figured how to work with instrument changes. One last thing remains though: how do I force empty measures to show pauses? As you can see the last bar of the rhythm section for soprano and alto is already showing the normal treble clef. How can I prevent dorico from doing so? I want those bars to be empty and in the percussion style.

Oh, and is there away to hide the SSATB that’s coming again with change to the treble clef? Sorry for asking such dumb questions, I searched a lot, watched a ton of videos, and yet I don’t seem to figure out these rather simple things…

Dear Pumpkin,
Your question is not simple at all, actually. I had to force Dorico to display the perc staff one bar more by inputting a whole note. Then I “colored” that note with opacity at 0%, and input a whole bar using Shift-X, and by copy-paste from http://www.smufl.org/version/latest/range/rests/
Not sure my method is the best, but it does work.

Thanks a lot Marc. I’ll try that until there’s an easier way to achieve that.