[Solved] Dorico 3 Crashes when add comment


I write this problem in the forum as I don’t find where to get Dorico support on steinberg website,
and even I log in on steinberg website and go to the support page I don’t get feedback.

If there is an email to send this case please let me know :smiley:

So that’s it, each time I try to write a comment in Dorico it crashes.

In Write mode, I can push the Comment logo on the right side,
I get the comments panel open, I select a bar, then Alt-c or the + button
I get a small window opening, write something, then when press OK it crashes.

I use a MacBook Pro 15 early 2019, Macos 10.15.3 with Dorico 3.1
I attached a diagnostic.

Best regards
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (534 KB)

Thanks for the crash report, which is so far inconclusive. Could you please attach a screenshot of the name and initials you have chosen for comments, on the General page of Preferences?

Thank you Daniel for your reply.

I didn’t put any name on the General page of Preferences.

Aha, that might be the problem! Can you try entering a name and some initials in there, then see whether or not you still encounter the crash?

I put my name and initials on the General page of Preferences and could then add comments without problems!

Thank you very much :smiley:

Just to say that I’m using Dorico Pro 4.0.31 on a Mac and am experiencing the same issue as this poster from Feb. 2020 – it seems that using “user Name” for comments leads to crashes, so I created a custom name… either that or my comments were inordinately long… :slight_smile:

If you wouldn’t mind doing Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attaching the resulting zip file here, that would be helpful: I can then take a look at the logs and see what might be going wrong.