SOLVED: Dorico 3 freezes when I try to change Audio device

I run Dorico 3 on my Macbook, dual core, 16 GB, i7, Catalina. The last days Dorico stops running when I try to change Audio device from Internal to my USB sound card. It has not been this slow before. How do I solve this problem?

Dorico (614 KB)

Hi malmehed, sorry to hear about the crashes. But thanks for the diagnostic data. The contained crash logs adhere to the same pattern that we have seen before.
Please go to and download and install the latest eLicenser software. I think with that in place the crashing will go away. Please report back. Thanks

YES! Thanks! Now everything seems to work. I have a concert on Sunday and have still some arranging to do. You made my day.

Glad to hear and good luck with your concert.