[Solved] Dorico crash with more project open

Hi, it happens to me that every time I open two or three projects at a time, in switching from one to the other Dorico crashes and I have to terminate the application and then restart it. Any suggestions? Thanks

I use the latest updated version, Dorico Pro 3.1.10

(Don’t open two or three projects at a time?)

On a more serious note, can you tell us about your computer’s capabilities (CPU cores, RAM, drive space), how large your various projects are, and the version of Dorico you are using?

Can you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file, called Dorico Diagnostics.zip, to a reply here?

I did the procedure, but what is the path of the diagnostic.zip file?
In the guides I have not found indications

It should be on your desktop.


Actually, there are no crash dumps contained in the zip file, so that suggests that Dorico did not crash but just became unresponsive. Is that true? For how long do you wait before you kill Dorico? And do you also kill the VSTAudioEngine process along with it?

I wait a few minutes, then I open Windows Task Manager and end Dorico from there

Why is Dorico unresponsive? Depends on what? Is this a Windows problem? But with the other programs it doesn’t happen.

Please make sure your computer is set to save Windows crash dump files, which you can do by following the instructions under “Dorico is crashing. What should I do?” in the FAQ thread here.

Dorico3.exe.8980.zip (1.07 MB)
Dorico3.exe.10064.zip (1.08 MB)
VSTAudioEngine3.exe.6280.7z (1.83 MB)
These three attached files were created by Dorico’s diagnostic report. Can anyone check out why Dorico becomes unresponsive? Thanks

Do you have the preference turned on to suspend the audio engine in the background? If so, try turning it off, since we’ve found this option to cause problems for a number of users.

Thanks for the tip, now it works great without getting stuck :smiley: