[Solved] Dorico ignores an open hi-hat technique symbol

I have problem with the open hi-hat playing technique. Dorico (version ignores all open hi-hat technique symbols, does not send right midi messages and even in the Play mode, there is only closed technique displayed instead :frowning:.

Did I something wrong?

Hi-hats in the Write Window:

And the same part in the Play Window:

Could someone please confirm if it is only my problem, or if I am doing something wrong? I am on the verge of buying it, but this is still holding me back.

I don’t think it is only your problem.

I can’t speak to your issue directly since I’m not on my PC right now, but I had some unexplainable things going on regarding percussion playing techniques myself. (For example I’ve not managed to get rolls play back as rolls yet, they always come out as machine-gun triplets…)

see the following topic

Unfurtunately this did not help :frowning:.

In the Drum Notation Examples, Inc Stem Directions and Options video John Barron said that the open hi-hat technique does not work in the current Dorico version. Is there any information on when it could be fixed?

John’s video predates the release of Dorico 1.2.10, in which this issue was resolved. If you’re still having problems, please provide an example so we can take a look.

Hello Daniel, thank you for your reply. I have tested it again and open hi-hat playback really works in Dorico 1.2.10 :slight_smile:. But there is still a minor bug in the play window, it still shows only Closed Playing Techinques.

Play Window:

Dorico file:
OpenHiHats.zip (310 KB)