"SOLVED" Dorico makes files duplicates because of Box.com


As I don’t find a way to save the font size by default for fingerings for example,
so I “saved as” a project which I was happy with all the settings layout and fonts
to start a new project.

Since Dorico save backups as usual, but also make copies of the project I’m working on,
with my email address in the file name.

I work on 2 other projects and got the same duplicates problem.

How to stop it?

I use MacOs 10.15.6 Dorico 3.5.1 and didn’t upgrade my system before notice this problem.

Thank you

Could it be a problem with Box Sync? What happens if you save a file outside the BoxSync scope?

That does appear to be a problem outside of Dorico, as I don’t think Dorico has any way of knowing your email address. If you are using a sync service like Box, Dropbox, etc then the addition of a username suggests a conflict, eg if the same file is opened by two different machines or two different users, and they both save, then the sync service won’t know which one is correct, so it’ll mark the filename in some way.

I have had similar things happen with OneDrive if I open a file (not necessarily Dorico - any file) on one machine and save it, but then if that machine can’t connect to the network then it can’t sync with the cloud. In the meantime you open the file on another machine and save it and that one is synced to the cloud. Then you go back to the first machine and connect to the network. It now has a conflict because there are now versions of the file and it doesn’t know which is correct, so it will rename them and you have to pick the one you want.

Thank you benwiggy and PaulWalmsley,

Yes, it seems it was Box.com the cause of my problem.

Today everything works just fine.

Sorry about that :blush: