[SOLVED] Dorico Pro 4 - playback problem

I opened a piano project I’m working on that was created in Dorico 3.5.12. It has multiple voices and the VST is NotePerformer. In Dorico Pro 4 only the notes in the bass clef playback. If I create a piano score from scratch all created voices in the G and F clefs playback. Is there some setting in the mixer I’m missing that could cause the old file to behave this way?

I would hope not. If you reapply the playback template, does that help? If you’re stuck, please attach the project. Particularly right now with everything going on today we need to be able to try to solve problems efficiently, and we need the project. Delete all the music but a couple of bars if you like, but we can’t do much without the project.

I did try reapplying the template to no effect. I will have to do some extensive surgery to get a cut-down project that’s manageable. We’ll see if that cut-down project exhibits the same behavior.

OK, I’m wrong. I re-opened the project, re-applied the playback template and now it’s behaving normally.