Solved. - Dorico tutorials sound cuts in and out

No problem with the visuals, but when I play Dorico YouTube tutorials, the sound cuts in and out constantly. Any suggestions? (I have no similar problems with any other YouTube videos.)

Can you link to an example? I don’t think that has been reported before, suggesting it’s not a problem at the “video” end.

Not sure I would know how to do that. Can you tell me how to create such a link? I’ll be happy to try.

Copy the URL of the youtube page into your post here.

You can right-click on a video to copy the URL, or from your browsers’ bar.

Are you switching back and forth between your browser and Dorico while watching the tutorials? If so, perhaps the problem is that Dorico is trying to maintain exclusive ownership of your audio device. In Edit > Device Setup within Dorico, make sure Steinberg Built-in ASIO Driver is chosen as the ASIO driver.

It was set to that. The sound problem occurs even when Dorico is totally switched off.

Daniel and Ben:
The problem is bigger than I thought. It isn’t just Dorico tutorials, it affects other sources of YouTube tutorials as well. For example, tutorials related to website building. So it’s definitely at my end, not Dorico’s. If I figure out why the problem is I’ll post the solution here, in case others have the same issue.

This is embarrassing, but I said I’d come back to explain when I figured it out, which I now have done.

Turns out it was my own fault. I had set my computer’s sound output to the maximum it can be, and it couldn’t handle it. That simple. Turned it down a few percent and all is well.