[solved] double dotted rhythms (alternate notation)

I am currently working on a piece with which I am having some difficulty in obtaining the current notation grouping I require for some (ongoing) projects. It could be considered as semantics (as it’s the same thing in reality… but my ‘problem’ is this)…

I have crotchet which is tied to a dotted quaver, this is followed by a semi quaver and then two crotchets to complete the bar. I have attached an example of my desired result ‘note config-desired’. I have used force duration to achieve the ‘correct’ result in that example but as most of my work is sourced from imported xml and midi files, it is a real pain to resort to this on every occasion. The Dorico default is also attached ‘note config default’. I have looked (extensively) in the grouping options in setup and although there is reference to half bars and compound groupings there seems to be no option to obtain what I need automatically. I completely understand the reason there is no quarter bar option as this would cause all kinds of grief to most of the other groupings but I’m hoping someone has another workaround.

Although both attachments are rhythmically exactly the same, I’m sure some will understand that it can be difficult getting across the concept of a single dotted rhythm to students but to mention double dotted notes gets them breaking out in either a cold sweat – or they start crying - or both! (sigh).

Thanks for any assistance.
note config-desired.jpg
note config-default.jpg

Have you checked Notation Options to see if they will help?



Thank you for your suggestion. I forget to see the number of dots. as soon s I set this to one it all worked fine. Thank you.