[Solved] Download Assistant not always respecting Content directory.

Firstly, I just wanted to say it’s great that instead of downloading the whole archive, being able to pick and choose is great now, nice one!

However, I found that when I installed through the Downloader interface, some of the content was installed to my preferred location:

but some of the other content (mostly packs like the Lo Fi, Hip Hop etc.) was installed to what I assume is the default:

I had to move these using the Steinberg Library Manager, so not a big deal, but the real issue is that because of the background silent install I had no way of knowing they were being installed to the factory default location which caused some confusion.

Others seem to have had a similar experience:


Are you sure you can set the folder, where should be the content installer din the Steinberg Download Assistant? As far as I know, you can set only the Storage location for files downloaded by aria2. So the place, where to download (not install) the files. Or am I missing something?

You know Martin, I think I’m losing my mind a bit…

You’re absolutely right. That’s the Download folder. I don’t know why on earth I thought I’d set an Install folder somewhere.

I think I know what’s happened. I’ve previously installed certain packs to D:\Steinberg\Content when we had to use the old installer. However, now that it’s done silently, it still did it for the old locations (presumably in the Registry?), and defaulted to the C:\ locations for the new stuff.

This silent installation, whilst helpful, is actually a bit of a problem that needs solving. It would be nice to be able to globally set the VSTContent folder, as many of us do NOT want it installing content on the C: drive.

I’ve marked this as Solved, but I still think it would be nice to be able to specify this as an Install option from the Download Manager.