[SOLVED] Drag & Drop from project track into GA is great - BUT - dangerous without ability to export kit w/ samples to d


_Correct me if I’m wrong,

But if you drag and drop a range selection of an event on a track in your project into a GA pad,

and then in the project you delete that track

and then some time down the road, pool/remove unused media/empty trash…

… GA no longer has that sample for reference does it?

There’s all sorts of situations like this where GA is going to lose the location of the sample no? Move the project, back up the project/remove unused media, etc, etc.

Eitherway, you might want to store and archive this newly created kit to a central library where you can access it later for other projects…


          • Is there no way to do this??? - - - - - - -


            Significant workflow roadblock if it is - - - How do I offload/archive GA kit creations made with projects at hand?_

you right click on the beat agent square and in the dropdown menu you choose export kit with samples and it will let you choose a directory where you want the vst preset and the folder containing the samples

ahhhhh, thank you!

So what happens if you just do ‘save as’ say after you’ve changed some of the snares on a kit with your own user snares located on your hard drive based user folder? Do you advise to do an ‘export kit as’ instead ?

‘Save As’ simply saves the kit data to the default Groove Agent presets folder system (my documents on Windows), and references the audio files from where ever their initial directory was - so if you move those files, it will lose that reference. It’s a Preset File, and contains no audio.

I highly recommend putting all your samples in one place, in an organized directory on a separate hard-drive which is what I have done, but as stated, sometimes when working in a project things happen fast and organization goes out the window.

GA does have a ‘relocate missing files’ protocol, but it’s potentially a bit buggy. I think it works for Kits, but it does not work for Instruments saved to the Library.

ok cool. I have a ‘master samples’ folder - my secret sauce folder which ive organised over the years and stays in the same place on my hard drive, never touched only to update, so it would probably never need relinking, but as you say, it’s probably best to be on the safe side, glad I caught this post. GA5 is incredible. My production quality has increased without question.