[Solved]Drag´n´Drop Audio-Files not working under Windows

I am trying to demo a product called Revoice Pro

Their instructional video

shows this Drag’ n Drop fuctionality working with Cubase but I am not able to duplicate that with Cubase 7, 8 or 9 (trial) running under Windows 7 Home Prem. SP1.

I have since found out that the video was done using a MAC OS.

It would appear that this functionality is also not available under Windows 8.1.

Does anyone have Windows 10 who would care to test whether or not it works under WIN10?

Otherwise, is Steinberg planning on adding this functionality for Windows Users in a Cubase 9 update?

This would certainly induce me to upgrade.


Firstly, as far as I can tell, you can easily drag and drop files onto cubase. Iuse Cubase 9 Pro and Windows 10. I have not tried the above program, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, it works with any program I have. You cannot drag files from Cubase to for example the desktop, you have to render/export the file. It might be though that you can drag the files from Cubase to the above mentioned program as long as they have the same attributes. I think that would work.

Secondly, Revoice Pro seems like a great program with nice features. I just wanted to mention though that VariAudio, which is included in Cubase Pro can do pretty much all of the stuff that Revoice Pro does, just slightly different. I don’t know what costs the most though. I mean, Cubase Artist plus Revoice Pro, or just Cubase Pro.


Are you ruinning Cubase as administrator for some reason??
This will disable drag n drop functionality.

RevoicePro 3 support informed me that hey have indeed tested their product with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and the Drag & Drop functionality worked. As soon as I try to drag an Audio track “outside” of the Cubase Window my mouse arrow is replaced by a Not Allowed icon when crossing into the Desktop area and then when I try to drop it into RP3 I get an error popup msg.

Yes, I use Vari Audio and if necessary Melodyne because I think that their algorithms are better.
But I feel that it is at least worth looking at RP3 because the workflow appears to save a heck of a lot of time.

thx for the reply.

Hi Grim,
No. Are you saying that the Drag & Drop functionality is working for you under Windows?
You are running under Windows 10 is that correct? Home or Pro, may I ask?

Well I have all drag and drop functionality that is supported by Cubase yes.

I can drag midi file to desktop
I can drag audio from explorer into Cubase

But dragging audio out of Cubase is not supported…I guess Revoice must have a workaround for this somehow.

So in the first instance you need to check and confirm if normal supported drag and drop is possible for you and then we’ll know if it is a Revoice problem or a Cubase permissions problem.

No need to ask…read my signature!

OK…it definitely works here with Revoice trial version…64bit.

Both C8.5 and C9 confirmed working.

Thx Grim,
I’ve tried running a clean Windows Boot, running Cubase 7 in Safe Mode and I get the same results.
But I’m pretty sure it is a Cubase problem becuase I can take the same file (track) I was trying to drag from the
Cubase main window, using Windows Explorer I was able to drag it into Revoice.
Just to make sure I will try using Cubase 9 to see if I also get the same results.

As I said, you need to confirm if you can use standard drag and drop functionality. Audio from explorer in to Cubase for example.

Yes, I mentioned that above… no problem in dragging the exact same audio file from Explorer into Cubase as i was able to do by dragging it into Revoice as well.
Just tested using Cubase 9 (safe mode) and I still can’t drag & drop from Cubase 7 or 9, into Revoice Pro.

Ah sorry I missed that. So what exactly is the message that pops up. Is it the one about audio driver problem?

Just tried again using Cubase 8 with the same results/
The message is an internal Revoice one.
Revoice - The File caonnot be opened Error- 3008.jpg
The latest reply I have from Revoice Support is:
We regularly test Cubase 6.5, 8 and 9 on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

We have not seen the problem you currently have.

We think for some reason Cubase is blocking access to the audio files.

We are investigating the issue.
I tend to agree with their conclusion.

Hmnnn…no sign of that message here…At a guess I’d say this is something to do with permissions or other software blocking for security.

Disable any AV or other security scanning software)
Maybe try to temporarily disable UAC - Set to never notify

Obviously you won’t want to leave the PC this way if you’re online, but it may help pin down the cause and suggest a fix.

Tried disabling AV & UAC, Acronis Backup, removed some non Windows processes from Startup, updated my
Display driver … uninstalled things like TeraCopy which I thought might have been getting in the way,
but still get the same results.
One other thing I am waiting on is something I noticed in my Event Viewer.
An Application Error Event ID: 1000 regarding my NVidia SW module NvUI.dll.
Adding a topic in the NVidia forum to see how I can repair that and hope it is causing this problem.

OK. I found the reason I was not able to drag & drop.
It was due to the algorithm that was set (as I understand it) as a default of Realtime,
in Editing → Audio → preferences.
When I change it in the Media Pool to Standard → Solo I was able to drag the audio track into Revoice Pro.
When I looked at my Media Pool I didn’t know what to think as there are different Tempos, Algorithms and even “recording” Info for some of the tracks. How does this happen?

Now the question arises as to when one does change this algorithm, for whatever purpose, does it modify the timing of the track?
Can someone please respond to that question?

Changing the algorithm will change the quality of any stretching going on already and to a small extent can effect timing as some stretch methods favour timing accuracy over quality and vice versa.

If you have no timing corrections via warping or sizing applies timestretch then there is nothing to be affected.

So maybe the files you were trying to copy over were already being warped “live” in some way and this is why they wouldn’t copy over?

My default algo is also elastique pro and this didn’t stop me copying files into Revoice.

All of my vocal tracks are warped…(rim shot)…
That’s why I use process and/or products like Vari Audio Melodyne, … and was testing Revoice Pro.
Since I want to compare the jobs that these other products do against RP,
I have to see how I can prepare these already recorded tracks so I can get them into RP.
Is it possible, for instance, to remove the changes made by Vari Audio in a track?
There had probably been some work done on those vocal tracks before especially by Vari Audio.
Have a lot of reading up to do on these Algorithms and when to use and not to use them.

Yes… You can reset Variaudio changes or if you want to keep them and do more work in Revoice you could bounce selection.

Before testing with Revoice Pro I created a new project so that all of the audio tracks were copied to a new folder.

When you say “reset” what do you mean?
When I’m in the sample editor and I hover my mouse over the icon to the right of the Audio Warp tab the tool desc says
“Disable Warp Changes”… similarly over the Vari Audio … “Disable Pitch Changes”.
If I click on those both will that, using your terminology “reset”, the changes?

Well this is what I was thinking but not sure at all sure this is going to be a solution for you now…I just ran some quick tests and it doesn’t seem to matter on my system whether audio is variaudio’ed or freewarped, I can always drag n drop to Revoice regardless!