[SOLVED] Dropout when looping midi file

I’m simply trying to loop a midi track made with cubasis keyboard but get an audio drop out when the track head loops to the beginning of my recording. I defined the loop with the left and right markers. Have tried duplicating the track but still get drop out for a few beats before normal audio resumes. I must be missing something as this seems very basic and can be heard each time the track loops. Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi peejay,

We are not aware of any drop out issues when looping MIDi files with Cubasis so far.

Please check the following:

(1) Try out looping a MIDI loop from the factory library

  • Set locator to bar 1.1.1
  • Go to Media/MIDI/Allen Morgan Signature Drums
  • Double tap “Alive Kit AM Bridge” to load the MIDI loop
  • Perform a long tap on the loaded MIDI loop to set left and right locator automatically
  • Activate cycle mode and start playback

Expected Result:
MIDI loop should cycle without any problems.
If you experience drop outs these might be related to polyphony values set too low (see 2).

(2) Check your polyphony settings

  • Go to Setup/Audio
  • Try to increase the polyphony value
  • Check if drop outs are gone

Please let me know if this helps to solve the issue.


Thanks Lars
I tried your suggestion, and even though there was no drop out on the drum loop, when I changed the polyphony when playing my loop, the dropout disappeared. I assume then that different instruments within micro sonic require different polyphony…
Thanks again!

Hi peejay,

Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad to hear this helped to solve the issue at your end.

Depending on the number of tracks/instruments, it might be required to adjust the polyphony value.

While a simple MIDI drum loop alone works fine with a lower value setting, a massive project with lots of tracks playing simultaneously require higher polyphony numbers.