[SOLVED] Duplicating files!

I don’t know what’s going on, but somehow I have 3 copies of the same file - and only one of them has all the corrections I made to the original. All three files have the exact same name. This shouldn’t be possible!

  1. Is there a way to delete the incorrect files?
  2. How do I prevent this from happening again. When I closed the “good” file, I got a window which prompted me to save the file, and that’s how I ended up with two. Then I went into Finder and deleted the extra files, and when I went back to Dorico there were now three!

And to clarify: Is it necessary to do a “save” from time to time when working in a file? Or does Dorico do automatic saves?

Problem solved!! I closed Dorico, then opened it…extra copies missing.
I also discovered I had inadvertently saved the files in two different places, so the name wasn’t exact after all! The solution came when I accidentally opened the preferences panel while in the file. After selecting “Show complete path for recent files” I could see where they were, and deleted the bad one.