[Solved] Editing Musicxml Project Info

I’ve imported a musicxml score into Dorico and this worked well. I tried editing the “File - Project Info” but this did not translate into the document which retained it’s original information.

Is there a way to reset the tokens in this situation? I did try deleting tokens and re-adding them.

It was easy enough to create a new score then copy and paste the music events from the xml score but I’m just wondering if there is a way to edit the original musicxml score.


Hi Michael,

This one is a problem I never came across. Could you tell us what program did the XML export?

Hello Marc,

Thanks for replying.

I exported the XML from Finale today although I created my score in Finale last year.

I’ll try again and see if the same thing happens.

You need to check which tokens are in use in the master pages, and which fields you are changing in the Project Info dialog: perhaps you need to change the values on the page in Project Info for the first flow, rather than the project-wide settings.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for replying and it did the trick.

I found the imported musicxml listed in the Project info and, as you wrote, selecting that was the solution.