[SOLVED] Effects ‚My Presets‘ migration C2 to C3

How to migrate my individual settings in C2 for effects to C3?

Copying from the C2 ‚effects‘ directory to C3 ‚effects‘ directory does not work.
I cannot see any of ‚My Presets‘ in C3, which I saved inside C2.

Hi Iskander,

Cubasis allows to transfer effect presets via the share function.

To transfer presets, please select the, tap the share button and choose “Open in Cubasis”.
It also works to transfer presets via copy/paste, using Apples’ Files app.

Hope that helps.


Sorry Lars,

the share function via ‚Open in Cubasis‘ does not work. Maybe I‘m doing something wrong.

As written in my first post, I‘ve tried to transfer presets via copy/paste using the Apple File app many times.
The copy/paste function works as usual but I cannot find any preset in ‚My Presets‘ inside C3 for the same FX like in C2.

Nevertheless I cannot use C3 with existing projects as expected.
As mentioned in another post, the migration of projects and now in addition effect presets from C2 to C3 is not possible without missing data. It is a big effort to control everything after I‘ve tried to migrate.

I have to go back to C2.
C2 works without any problems.

Sorry - C3 is not usable for me until now. My hope is the next version because I love the new features.

Now I found out the reason and a workaround for the migration of the Effects (and Instruments) user-presets.

In C2 the Effects subdirectoryname is ‚User.
In C3 the Effects subdirectoryname has to be ‚My Presets‘!!!

It‘s the same for the Instruments subdirectories.

Why in the hell did you change the directorynames without information to the user?

Now I have to change individually every ‚User‘ subdirectory… :blush: :blush: :blush:

Hi Iskander,

Thank you for your message.

If possible, please let me have a short feedback, regarding your issues to use the share function in Cubasis 2, to share presets.

In addition, why doesn’t it work for you to copy/paste your Cubasis 2 user presets to Cubasis 3 via the Files App?

Thanks again,

Hi Lars,

as written in my post, the copy/paste function via Files app works without a problem but I have to rename the subdirectories. C3 is expecting ‚My Presets‘ and cannot find the copied subdirectory ‚User‘.

In C2 the Effects subdirectoryname is ‚User.
In C3 the Effects subdirectoryname has to be ‚My Presets‘!!!

Hi Lars,

the Effects sharing function in C2 works not like expected.

There is a user defined 6144 preset in the Effects subdirectory ‚User‘ in C2.
Now I want to share this preset to C3.

My steps:

  • start C2
  • create an entry ‚6144 equalizer by DDMF‘ in Insert Effects for a track
  • find and select my preset
  • select ‚share‘
  • select ‚open in Cubase 3‘
  • C3 starts
  • there is NO entry in My Presets of 6144 in C3

I found out in the Files app:

  • there is no new created Effects subdirectory ‚6144‘ as expected
  • on the other hand I can find the shared preset in the C3 directory Effects/Audio Unit/My Presets
  • the audio unit 6144 doesn‘t access this directory
    => sharing does not work for me
    => I have to create directories and to copy the presets individually

Thanks…this helped!