[SOLVED] Elements 3.1 to Elements 3.5.10 - sounds installer.?

Hi all - great work as ever, Daniel and team…!

A very casual user here, finally getting round to upgrading… however, can’t see any guidance anywhere on whether I need the v3.5.10 ‘Sounds Installer’ (3.03Gb in size) as well as the Application Installer; I’d skipped v3.5 altogether thus far…

(Just seen in the May 20th v3.5.blog, there’s some new Indian Drum sounds that were included… do these cover the extent of the 3.03Gb file size perhaps.?)


The new Indian drum sounds are included in the Dorico 3.5 installer itself, so in fact you don’t need to install the sounds if you are updating from Dorico 3. If you’re updating from Dorico 2 or earlier, though, it is recommended to install the sounds as well.

Got ya - thanks Daniel