[SOLVED] eLicenser Unable to Connect

I wanted my first message on here to be expressing appreciation for what I anticipate is a great piece of software…however…

I have been spending the last few hours attempting to get the eLicenser to work so that I can use Cubase PRO, which I just got in the mail this evening. When I attempt to perform the maintenance it proceeds until the progress bar is above the letter r in the word eLicenser below (Step 1 of 6). Not only does it not give any additional information about what it is doing - but after ten to twenty minutes after sitting there with nothing to go on, it will finally come up with an error message that A connection to the license server could not be established.

I have gone into windows firewall and enabled all of the software in the eLicenser directory to pass both inbound and outbound (I have also shut the firewall completely off), I have allowed port 443 and the following sites (in the Internet Connection settings page) per a Steinberg online tip on how to get it working:


I am not running an antivirus when installing. I run it as administrator. Everything else internet related is working fine.

Nothing works. No connection in eLicenser. Hours of time.

If anyone has had any similar issues or can point me to other places I may need to make adjustments to get it to connect that would be really fantastic!

This has been an incredibly frustrating introduction to this software. When I pay $500 for a piece of software it would be nice if it actually installed. I hope this isn’t an indication of how the rest of the software runs. :angry:

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Isn’t there any any Firewall or comunication blocker on your internet provider side? Or if you are in any network, isn’t there a Firewall on the server?

HI Martin,

Thanks for the reply. I live in an apartment. I have removed all firewalls from my machine but I do not have access to the router. However, I have had no issues whatsoever with other software’s, and honestly I sure hope that access to a router is not necessary to install music software from Steinberg - in my mind that’s a bit ridiculous.

I did ping the mb.steinberg.net and licensetransfer.elicenser.net and got no response from mb.steinberg and 50% packet loss from elicenser.net. Everything else is pinging fine.

Does anyone know if there are issues or maintenance going on with the elicenser server right now?

It was a server issue, most likely. I just re-ran it now to give it a shot and it worked. Not very cool, I sure hope they don’t have these server issues often.

I’m really looking forward to using the software, though - I did a lot of research and it seems like this was by far the best fit for me.

Thank you, Steinberg. Looks like a great product - amp up the customer service a little and you’ll be golden (no phone or chat service, sent an email and haven’t receive a response from Yamaha(?) support - not a very good initial outlook but looking forward to it getting better!).

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