[Solved] Engraving multiple mvmts per page

I’ve got the text thing dealt with, as you can see. But I cannot seem to move the music frame containing the next movement onto page two.

Additionally, if I try to make a new music frame and delete the old one, it reappears but one page over.

In both cases, I cannot seem to remove the extra page, either.


Deleted 4th page frame, created 2nd page frame. Note the new frame created on a page 5. If I delete that, it appears on page 6, etc.

Thanks for the help!

Using remove overrides I was able to get rid of the extra pages, but not the duplicated music.


Alriiiiiiight. I hobbled my way to an answer.


Removed my created music frame, then selected the frame on page 3 from the last post, and then selected page 2 in the pages panel, and used right click > copy selected frames to selected pages.

Was not the most intuitive process, but at least it’s possible! Everything working fine now. Hope this solves anyone elses similar problem.