[Solved[ Entering Precise CC Values In The Automation Lane

Using Dorico 2.2.10 on Windows 10

When entering CC values in the Automation lane, I often find difficulty in setting the exact value as dragging the envelope up or down often skips numbers, possibly due to the resolution.

Is there a dialogue box anywhere, or some other way, where I can enter the precise value I want?

I’ve had a good look around in there and through the menus but couldn’t find anything.


No, there’s no way to do this at present, but in the next major version there will be a spin control in the automation lane header that will allow you to set the precise value for a selected point in the lane.

Wonderful and really looking forward to Dorico 3 later in the year. I imagine there’ll be some pleasant surprises there for us.

Hold down the Alt/Opt key while dragging and you can get much finer resolution.

Wow… this is a new one for me! Thanks!

Hello Paul,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried this a few times in different scores but I had the same results with the values jumping numbers. I’ll keep trying.

You can increase the vertical height of the lane you are editing. That makes it easier to work accurately.

It would be nice to have a shortcuts for something like “increase lane height to full screen size” and “restore to default height” rather than manual adjustments and/or vertical scrolling the Play window.

Shift-G and Shift-H will let you change the lane height, though not maximise.

Hello Paul,

Those shortcuts did it. I’m now able to input any value I want. Thank you.

Thank you also to Dan and Rob for replying.


UPDATE: increasing the lane height as suggested above does work to allow more precise values. the Alt/Opt keys still do nothing for me.

<<that gambit doesn’t work for me.

Dorico 10.2.20

Mac OS 10.14.3>>