[Solved] Export Just One Instrument From A Score As MIDI File

Is it possible to export just one staff/instrument from a full score as a MIDI file?

I’ve tried selecting all bars of one staff/instrument and exporting as MIDI but the full score is still exported.


Huh, interesting. I’m seeing what you are. An audio export allows me to separate players as separate files, but there’s not a similar option during MIDI Export… If I attempt an export with just a single part displayed in a layout, a whole score export still happens.

Suggest deleting all other tracks/staffs but NOT saving, then doing your export. Finish by NOT saving the file (obviously).

It should be - in Setup mode, move a layout that only contains the instrument you want to export to the top of the Layouts list. MIDI export uses the top layout in that list, whether it’s a full score or a part. (Exporting audio uses the top-most full score layout, including if that’s at the bottom of all the part layouts.)

Thanks Lillie!.. Maybe you guys could consider putting a * or something next to the first layout in the GUI, with a note that this flow will be used for exports?

Thanks Lillie, that worked beautifully.