[SOLVED] Export to MIDI file

I apologize if this has been answered already… I did a ‘search’ and didn’t find anything:

Is there any way to EXPORT a MIDI file (from Cubasis on my iPad Pro)? Say, for example, I’ve created a ‘project’ in Cubasis, of course containing only MIDI tracks, and now I want to export it as a MIDI file to another computer workstation (not Cubase) for further work. The actual export would probably be via an email attachment. Can that be done?

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Kskruser,

Thanks for your message.

To export a MIDI file with Cubasis please proceed as follows:

  • Tap the MEDIA button (located top left) to open the MediaBay
  • Choose “Mixdown”
  • Tap “Create Mixdown”
  • Tap “MIDI” in the Mixdown popup

The “SHARE” button located bottom left, offers various options to share the file afterwards…

Hope that helps.


Exactly what I wanted! I knew it was in there somewhere. Thank you, sir.

Thanks for the update, Kskruser.
Glad to hear it helped…