[SOLVED] Exporting into cubase

Hello. I have just got a trial version of Cubase and would like to export a Cubasis project into it: complete with audio files.
How would I go about this? (In particular how would I save it and then physically move all the stuff from the ipad onto the computer)?
Also, will there be any loss of file quality in doing this?

Thank you!

Hi Knuckles,

The Cubasis Project Importer extension for Cubase is needed to import projects from the Cubasis and Cubasis LE apps into Cubase. http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/content_und_zubehoer/cubasis_project_importer.html

These are the steps to save/share projects from within Cubasis:

  • Go to Media/Projects
  • Tap “Share” button and choose “ZIP”
  • Transfer the file to your computer via iTunes File Sharing*
  • In Cubase, go to file / import / Cubasis
  • Select the .cpb file in the following dialog to import your Cubasis project into Cubase
  • Email, Dropbox and WiFi Server are alternate options to transfer files from/to Cubasis

Please find more details in the chapters “MediaBay” (Export to Cubase, iTunes File Sharing) in Cubasis’ in-app help.

There is no loss of file quality when exporting Cubasis projects to Cubase.

Best wishes,

This extension does not seem to work to enable importing into Cubase Pro 8.5… Would you plz take a look and advise if another extension is needed or if this is a bug relating to either 8.5 or the current Cubasis that needs to b fixed? Thanks!

Hi Ed K,

Thanks for your message.

The Cubasis Importer 1.9.8 Pre-Release has been tested with Cubase Pro 8.5 (and all other supported Cubase versions) both on Win and Mac OS X and should work fine to import Cubasis projects.

Please make sure to download and install the importer pre-release from here:

If the import of Cubasis projects still fails, please let me have a step by step description about the problem.

Please also have a look at John Walden’s great article about how to import Cubasis projects into Cubase on his MusicAppBlog:


Hope that helps to solve the problem!


Thank you Lars, will try again and advise.

Thank you Lars works fine.

Hi Guys,

glad to hear this helped you! :sunglasses: