[SOLVED] External reverbs crackling when mixing down...

I have effect tail disabled.
I’ve tried mixing down with 2 separate reverbs:
DDMF envelope audio unit plugin

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Kynan,

can you please share more info about your setup as of which ipad, iOS and gear you are using?


iPad Pro. Running iOS 9.3. It also occurred when running 9.2/.1

Hi Kynan,

did send both developers a short message to exchange regarding the case.


Hi Kynan,

We’ve added the issue to our bug base.

In the meantime I’ve received the following feedback from Christian/DDMF:
Not reproducible on iPad. Could it be possible that the user has assigned too many other effects?
The envelope consumes CPU, however crackling does not appear in my testings.

Please let me have your feedback.


I have compression on a few tracks, along with some delays. I isolated the tracks that have the reverb and mixed down…no issues. It’s possible of course to mix down through audio share.
I would happily pay $20 or more for a decent reverb and better plugins directly from Cubasis. External plugins fora computer are on thing, but they seem to have some issues on the iPad…at least I’ve run into a few.
I know 2.0 is already well underway, but is there a possibility in the near future you will have any better plugins that have a “low cpu” mode, then mixdown in full quality?
Thanks for taking time to address this. Cubasis is the most solid on iOS for sure.

Hi Kynan1,

Thanks for your message.

Igor from Audio Mastering Studio has replied as well and is at hand for your feedack and willing to check (and fix) the issue as soon as possible. Please get in touch with him right here:



I emailed him there. Thanks again for taking the time to address a minor issue with the mixdown which may not even be Cubasis related. I guess no higher end plugins are being developed for Cubasis 2.0 then? If you can’t speak on this, I understand.

Hi Kynan,

While we announce new updates once they become available, please note that we are working on the next one which will many new features! Next to it we have a backlog filled with lots of topics which include new effects as well.

Hope that helps,

I was curious if the OP had resolved this issue? I have been using Altispace as a “send” via IAA and having the same issue with crackling or distortion upon mixdown or freeze. This occurs with no other effects on an Ipad Air 2 running IOS 9. There are no issues during playback. I have contacted the developer but any suggestions would be welcome.

I am presently using Cubasis 2.? latest update with Altispace with no issues on an iPad 4.
I am using Cubasis with a Roland Duo Capture interface as a live sound unit for my flute and it works wonderfully! Cubasis provides the Channel Strip and Studio EQ as Insert effects and Altispace for different reverbs or plates as a Send Effect. It is not even necessary to use Audiobus or any other app. So much better than pedals or rack effects and I have all the controls within easy reach on a mic stand. I have had no cpu overload issues or distortion. However I am not running a bunch if additional tracks, which I may eventually do to accompany the flute when playing solo.
I thought to provide my experience even if it does not relate to mixdown.

Hi aricastudio,

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear all things work as expected at your end.
Since the original topic has been posted/address a while ago, it will be locked as solved now.