Solved - First time nuendo user, all audio and sample and synths have glitch

Hello Folks,
Brand new on Nuendo, been using Logic Pro since 2008. I’ve opened up the the software, and I’m playing around on synths and with samples and audio. Anytime I’m playing anything there’s this weird fast digital clip on top of everything. How do I fix this? When I bounce audio, it’s not there.
I’m on a Macbook Pro 2016, 11.1

here’s a phone recording of what it sounds like coming out of speakers

If your audio interface has a Loopback function, try disabling it.

There is no audio interface plugged in, just using my internal speakers; I wasn’t starting a real session with all my gear, just browsing to check out the software.

Hi mountainmusic,

Try disabling or muting your built in microphone.

Hi Noeqplease,

I muted the internal microphone (I can’t disable it with no other interface plugged in), but still it’s the same glitch sound.

I’ve tried the restart etc. too.


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Solved by Adam at Customer Support. It was the buffer size, which as a brand new user I had no idea where to find. Thanks to those who suggested fixes here. Now onto some tutorials! Cheers.

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Glad you got it sorted out. Cheers.