SOLVED: First Time User Needs Registration Assistance

I purchased Crossgrade and obtained serial.
I clicked Register Now within app demo and re-registered soft and hard e-licensors.
How do I get Cubase Pro in to My Products and register serial?
How do I submit proof of eligibility?

If the full licence is on your USB eLicenser and that eLicenser is registered in your My Steinberg account then you have done everything necessary to register the product. There can be a time lag of a few hours between carrying out these two steps and the new licence showing in My Steinberg, but it should happen eventually. If you don’t see the licence after 24 hours, I would run Maintenance in eLicenser Control Center with the USB eLicenser plugged in then, if the licence doesn’t show in My Steinberg after a further 24 hours, contact Steinberg for help.

You don’t need to keep re-registering an already registered eLicenser - if you are prompted to register it again when it is already registered, choose the “Already registered” button.

Thanks for help, up and running now.