[SOLVED] Focusrite iTrack Dock compatibility

Today my new iTrack Dock arrived.
On the Focusrite site they had confirmed compatibility with Garageband, Auria and Cubasis (as with all Core Audio apps).

Connected and tested with the Focusrate tape app: all fine, a stereo instrument audio recorded as expected.
Started Cubasis, added an Audio track. no signal arrives (neither mono in, nor stereo in). Next problem to solve: does anyone in here work with an iTrack Dock as well?
Any experience from the Cubasis team?

Focusrite helped me to spot a solution I would not have thought of: in the iPad data security settigs the access to the internal microfone for Cubasis has to be switched on.
I would never have guessed that, as I don’t use the internal microphone in Cubasis. But it seems to be essential for external audio routing generally (and not just for the internal mic).

I also found a midi soultion for my MicrokorgXL+ as midi controller with iPad Dock in Cubasis:

  • the direct USB connection (despite being USB class compiant) did not work, while it DID work directly with the Camera connection kit: weird
  • so I replaced the USB cable connection by a simple USB-Midi Adaptor, plugged the Midi cables into the Microkorg and the USB side into iTrack Dock: this way it works and Cubasis receives Midi form the Microkorg.

Just in case this might be helpful for others …

Hi Jimknopf,

Thanks for the info !