[SOLVED] Frozen Inter apps tracks out of tempo

Frozen tracks are created lower tempo than original midi track.problem occurs with Every inter apps synths.problem still there even after switch off iPad ,or/and unload all inter apps .
iPad air 64g
iOS 8.02 (same problem with iOS 7,upgrade didn’t fix the bug)

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could you give us some more information? A step by step reproduction and maybe a demo project to hopefully help solving this issue?


Hi,I fixed the problem.its happen all the time when latency is 512 and it disappear when latency it on 256.i would be glad to know if you can reproduce this bug too :wink:

I have the exact same problem. Setting latency to 256 fixes it, many thanks!

Steps to repro:

  1. Program simple kick drum on every 4th beat for e.g. 2 bars using a Cubasis instrument. Use BPM of 120 and 4/4.
  2. Load iMini as IAA.
  3. Program simple bass beat with one note falling between the kicks for 2 bars.
  4. Freeze the iMini track.

All the iMini notes will now be delayed - looks like at a lower tempo. This happened to me also with other apps, not just iMini.

Following the steps above with iMini I get the same at 512 hw latency. Each iMini note gets progressively further delayed, which is consistent with a lower tempo.

Changing to 256 latency does seem to fix the problem.


good to hear there is a workaround for now… we are investigating on this issue and let you know once we have new information.


Yes!it would be good idea to fix this problem because if u check carefully to the frozen wave created with 256ms,the wave is not perfectly matching the tempo.there are few ms of waves wich are before the beat.its ok with most of waves but not perfect with high attack sounds like BDs because the first recorded beat always loose few ms of attack.

Oh man, this saved my life! Thank you so much :slight_smile: