*Solved* Full bar tremolo in 3/4 time.

I’ve had no issues with entering tremolos in 4/4 time, just put in 2 half notes and select tremolo, but in 3/4 time entering two dotted quarter notes (the 2nd of which gets turned into an eighth tied to a quarter), but a tremolo between the two simply won’t attach. I assume I have to force the program to over-ride it’s default re-notation of the 2nd note to appear as a dotted quarter before the tremolo will attach.

Is that correct? Is there an easier way to input this tremolo?

Edit - Just found the way to force duration to stay as a dotted quarter and the trem input works.

One thing with tremolos that is definitely non-obvious from the UI is that if you have a tied note and you want to change the number of tremolo strokes on the different noteheads in the tie chain, you can do so in Engrave mode via the Properties panel. In Write mode, of course, you can only select the entire tied note, so you can’t change the number of tremolo strokes independently for each notehead.

I should clarify in this case it was a 3 stroke multi note tremolo, that only worked for me if I forced the duration to dotted quarters (upon which adding the tremolo turns them both into dotted halves with the 3 bar trem between them.)

While it isn’t really an inconvenience to require I use force duration to accomplish this, it seems like it’s violating the core feature of a note retaining it’s length no matter if it’s presented as a single note or multiple notes tied together. But this is, of course, a more complex operation overall, so it still makes sense if it needs to be treated in a special way.

I’d like to ask a question on this old thread. It does seem weird that the only way to get a full bar tremolo in 3/4 is to use Force Duration. Could there be some way for Dorico to “know” that durations of the same length should be eligible for a tremolo, even if they’re tied differently?

And related - I think I’ve gone through every possibility in the Notation Options dialog box, but I still can’t get two dotted quarters to appear in 3/4. No matter which options I choose, I get dotted quarter, then 8th tied to quarter. (Am I missing something?) This does seem common enough that it would be nice for Dorico to allow for this - maybe with another possible option in Notation Options?

Thanks and early Happy New Year!

Dear Stephen,

I’m with you on this one. This is one among the scarce things where I do waste time in Dorico, and each time I have to rewrite with force duration in order to input the two-notes tremolo, I dream about the day where Dorico will understand that it could create that tremolo with the tied-notes…

I actually think it would be more logical to enter the two notes as a chord, and then select the tremolo function. It would also mean that the need for force duration, or working out the correct ratio to fill the necessary space, would be eliminated.

Dear dannemoller,

I understand your idea and I think you make a point. However, user would have to choose which notes would be noted as second ones, and this could prove to be tricky… Here’s an example:

Capture d’écran 2017-12-28 à 23.01.08.png

dannemoller’s idea looks great until you need to write a tremolo that actually involves one or multiple chords.

Edit: Marc and Leo strike again - oops!

You’re right, of course!

is force duration still the only way to do that?

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Yes. The notes need to be the same rhythmic values.

Thanks Dan,
Maybe this case could be clear in the user guide.