[SOLVED] FYI cubase 8.5 not when avast antivir activated

Good evening.
I found the parameter in Avast to solve my problem (see below).
I have desactivated in the “Enable Hardened mode” options.
I have created an exclusion for the Cubase path.
Ihave reactivated the Hardened mode.



Good evening,
I sent a request concerning a problem to install Cubase 8.5 and a error message like “don’t find the path”.

I try to stop my antivirus. During this period all work correctly until the antivirus is been reactivated.

I can work fully with cubase 8.5 but without Avast.


ThreatTrack’s VIPRE Antivirus is the way to go if you want the smallest performance impact with the best protection on your DAW.

Thanks i will try it

I will also recommend eSet’s security software. It never interferes.