[SOLVED] Get index of effect slot in channel strip

Hi, when in channelStrip window, user can change their position by drag’n’drop.

In my script I have a method to let the user change plugins inside each slot.

For example, when we are in Compressor slot, user can choose Standard, Vintage or Tube and so on for all other strip effects slots.

This works as expected, BUT if user decides to alter the position of an effect, my script can no longer perform browsing of plugins, because I’m using MCU commands to select current slot by index.

So, I’m wondering whether there will be a getByIndex method for the channelStrip, as for example we have now for send slots. If of course I’m not mistaken and this functionality is already there :slight_smile:

It seems I got the answer!

When a strip effect changes position by drag’n’drop a titleChange is triggered!

Example for compressor’s position:

console.log(“altering compressor’s index to arg2=”+arg2)