[solved] ghost trails in pizz. technique

this thread might sound obscure, but some little bug in Dorico Engrave Mode [and Write Mode] just seems the same:
If I click onto this pizz. I will get a second one, very strange. Have a look here, please:


Please attach the project, along with details of which bar number in which flow the problem can be reproduced. Videos and screenshots unfortunately don’t allow problems to be fully diagnosed. Thanks!

:slight_smile: problem solved! And it’s not a bug at all… sorry, I was stupid…

… at some point I must have put in and ‘hidden’ a pizz. - then later put another one on top. The hidden one shows up, when I click into that area…

I noticed, once I had the Properties panel open, that the ‘Color’ button turned blue, when I clicked:

pizz. pizz..png

Excellent! I’m glad the mystery is solved, and I don’t think this makes you stupid in the least. Thanks for closing the loop.