[Solved] Graphic for Filter Select looks slightly wrong?

One of the changes from 8 to 9 which I noticed right away, was the top of the mixer window, the Filter Selection, shown here…

IMO the old graphic (v8) looked better, shown here

:ugeek: :ugeek:

Looks like the orange rectangle is supposed to be under the icon so it illuminates orange.

It would’ve been better to report as a bug report instead of in Miscellaneous.


It doesn’t bug me, nor hinder my musical process but it is a cosmetic anomaly.,i also think that the color of the rectangle should also reflect the chosen group)
(i use this too rarely to care tbh:P )

Quite right. Would a Moderator kindly move this to Issues thread please.


No. Read the stickies in the bugs forum please.

I’ll bite. I don’t entirely understand what rule applies here. Surely if one would add the following, it would be nothing more than a formality?

  1. Open MixConsole in Cubase 8.5
  2. Open MixConsole in window or Lower Zone in Cubase 9
    => The Cubase 9 Filter icon is overlapping incorrectly in Z-depth compared to Cubase 8.5

Some of my issue reports were hit by this too. If there is a visual gitch then all I can do is give you my specs and show it.

Consider the QA person who has to slog through 40 or 400 reports in a morning. This person should not have to do further troubleshooting to figure out the missing parts of a recipe, even if it seems trivial. Your repro wouldn’t expose the problem in a default Cubase installation because it does not include the step required to reveal it.

If someone reports this to tech support, the support rep will figure it out, and send a bug report to the QA folks.

Oh, that’s right, I missed making a filter selection in those steps. I guess in a case like this it’s just complicated enough to warrant the steps.

Is this Tech Support a better way than using the forums then?