SOLVED - HALion 5 messing with AUX busses

For some reason H5 have started messing with the AUX busses and is giving this warning when loading presets that is using AUX busses:

Please note that when opening such presets Halion 5 will randomly change the effects on the AUX busses every time. For instance I never saved this preset with the Gate FX or the EQ. As far as I understand, what Halion does when loading a preset is finding the correct synth zone information etc, but loading AUX sends from a totally different preset. Anyone else that have experienced anything like this?

Maybe it’s time to re-install the plug-in. How’s that done? I got the .iso files with Halion 5. Can I install the plug-in without the library?

Solved. Seems like I, myself, had been messing with the instance of Halion that was saved with the project template. That’s why the missing buses occurred so often. I’ve replaced the “old” Halion causing the problem with a new one and then saved the template. Seem to have fixed the problem.