(Solved)Halion Sonic Librarys

I’m still waiting for Steinberg Tech to reply back…but in the meantime…maybe someone can help out.

I have searched relentlessly, and have followed each of the threads directions but have found no resolution.

I have Cubase 9 Pro build 209 64bit. If my signature is out of date, as I think it is, I will update it shortly.

Here’s what comes up each time I open Cubase.

Halion Sonic SE Missing content
I have tried everything…for 5 days straight, including doing a complete fresh install of C9.

I cannot find or get rid of this content:
HALion Sonic
TR Kits 01
Grand Piano 01
Electric Guitar 01
Electric Guitar Add 01
Add 02
Acoustic Guitar 02
Add 02
Add 03
Blues Kit 01
Brush Add On 01
Cymbals HiHats 01
Dry Kit 01
Electric Kit 01
Funk Kit 01
Fusion Kit 01
Hard Rock Kit 01
Jazz Brush Kit 01
Latin Percussion 01
Metal Kit 01

I don t know if the … means there is more to the list or not.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled programs and content but the issue still persists.

I too am having the exact same problem, I have also not heard back from “support”. if you find the solution, please post here, and I will do the same!! thanks

Any update on this issue? I am also having the same problem.

Why does it say (solved)in your subject line btw?


The usual solution is to completely uninstall every Halion Sonic SE library by going to the Windows Control Panel and clicking Programs and Features.
After that, reinstall Cubase using the FULL Cubase installer found in your MySteinberg account. Make the installer reinstall every component.

It might also help to install Halion Sonic SE 3 and the latest update for it, which has smarter library detection and many bug fixes. Use the same email you used for your MySteinberg account to receive a download link.