Solved: Halion Symphonic Orchestra is NOT Showing in Halion

Hi everyone,

My Halion Symphonic Orchestra is not showing up in my Halion 5 Instruments list, does anyone know why ? & does anyone know a solution to fix this issue ?

Another major concern is, when I try loading Symphonic Orchestra as a individual Instrument (outside of halion) the volume seems VERY low on all of the patches & the stereo out meter on the instrument is barely moving , even when I crank it to 100%


I discovered the solution to the low volume patches

I also just had to do some random bullcrap to get my groove agent 4 kits to show up in the list


I have discovered the solution for loading Symphonic Orchestra in Halion 5

I had to switch the media bay browser from “category” to “plugin name” & then Symphonic Orchestra appears in the browser. For some strange reason it does not show under the “instrument sets” with a picture, & is impposible to know what patches are related to Symphonic Orchestra using the media bay without switching it to view “plug ins by name”.

Steinberg get your shite together