[Solved] Harp pedal change displaying all letters on 2nd page

Couldn’t think of a less verbose subject line, sorry.

In the harp layout in this project, you can see that the pedal indication on second page lists all the pedal changes.

It’s just one pedal change (to F#), so I’d like to only list that change, but I don’t see that under any of the options. Am I missing something?

Unless I’m being exceptionally dense, it’s a completely redundant harp pedal diagram. You have F#s from bar 1.

I can’t quite see where you mean on the second page (score? part?) and you’d disabled harp pedaling in the score, but for me when I enabled them the 2nd harp pedal diagram appeared with just one note name. In general, you’re probably looking for partial harp pedaling.

I had partial harp pedaling set, and it was displaying in the harp layout, but Leo’s right… it’s because I had a redundant harp pedal change. That fixed it!