[SOLVED] Help! Crash! Entire project lost!


I’d been working on a project for some time, got quite dense then suddenly wiped. I’ve been scanning the backup but it only seems to have saved the audio files separately. Anyone know where the back up might be?

Thanks very much,


Man that’s bad news buddy. Was there something you did, or did it just crash?

I had a bad crash once but I was able to get some of my work back. To try this, you need a computer and a bit of comfort with file systems. No promises, but maybe this would help.

Install iFunbox
Create a folder called Cubasis on your machine
Close all apps and connect your iPad, in iFunbox navigate to iTunes Share Cubasis and open
Drag the Projects folder to your desktop Cubasis folder -it may take a few minutes
On the desktop folder, open the projects folder, then duplicate the folder of your crashed project - s something like “my song.cbp”. You want a “copy of mysong.cbp” as a safety.
On the desktop, enter the original .cbp folder, then enter the Backup folder.
Find the backup with the highest number - “mysong Backup (10).cbp” for instance
Rename the file, by removing “Backup (10)” - so you end up with “mysong.cbp”. It must match the name of the cbp folder!
In iFunbox, open the projects folder, then “mysong.cbp” folder.
Drag the newly renamed desktop file to iFunbox, overwriting the original
Eject, open Cubasis, open “mysong”
If it wont open, then rename and copy the next lower backup (higher numbers are the most recent).

If you do get one to open, IMMEDIATELY highlight the project in the media bay and press the Snapshot button! This creates an accessible backup you can open without all the steps above! And do it from time to time, if it’s a crazy project, you can delete them later if you need room. I also will make a copy to my pc whenever I feel I’ve made a big step in a project, just to be sure.

I really hope this helps.

Mate I don’t know how you’ve done that but has sorted me right out. Thank you very much!!

Glad to hear your got your project recovered and thumbs to wigglelights for the help!! :sunglasses:


I’m glad to hear your issue has been solved.

If possible, please check if a crash report has been created. If so, please send it to me via PM (could be very helpful for us to evaluate the issue).