[solved] help needed : project suddenly outputs in mono ?!!


i have a strange and scary situation ; suddenly all the tracks of my project, which are stereo tracks, are playing mono. Very stereo events are playing identically left and right like mono, while playing a sound in the mediabay is normal (that’s how nailed the trouble). Did i hit key command by mistake ? Can somebody help me having my tracks stereo again ? I’m in a deep mess if i can’t find what happened…

Thank you very much in advance !

have you got the control room active ?


any stereo to mono plugin’s on your output bus ?

Hmmmm, no. I’ve disabled everything…

I don’t have RME ,it’s not some routing setup different through your total mix software by chance , a if all your routings are still as they should be in your connections and no control rooms enabled to be able to monitor in mono and there are no plugins on the buss inserts then in sounds like something in total mix

Oh my god, all my stereo objects have move to the guitar tracks, which are mono. Pfiouuuuuu. I must have moved things without noticing. Time to sleep. Thanks a lot