[SOLVED]Help with buying USB mini keys for CB10


For a complete non piano player we need a keyboard to play some one note strings, bass, etc into CB10.

I see this M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 Note USB Keyboard and there are others.

Any suggestions that will help us purchase please? We have a tight budget too. :frowning:


I’ve had a Keystation in the past and it was a straightforward, no frills keyboard that gave me no proplems.
More fully featured and more robust keyboards are available of course, but the keystation works fine as a note entry device for Cubase. I seem to remember it’s plug and play, it was certainly easy to set up.

Thank you Ian.

Yes that’s what the reviews say, but I thought I’d like to hear it from the ‘horses mouth’ as they say !

I am in Sydney OZ, and so far have not been able to find one.

Shops so far have sold out and say not until next year. I’ll keep looking though.

No probs. Another Cubase user I know has one of these, similar, bigger, but slightly more pricey. Not mini keys though, don’t know if that’s a must for you. (I prefer decent size keys myself but I started off on a piano) The bonuses are it’s velocity sensitive so responds to dynamics in your playing, and it has a mod wheel as well as a pitch bend (which can sometimes be useful when doing string parts from sample instruments) We’ve never really discussed it but they don’t moan about it so would take that as a thumbs up:

I have the Mini32 (bought in Oz, but now I see Mannys, store DJ etc have backorders for a lot of products) which I use for a portable rig. It should do for your requirements; it’s plug and play and easy to use. The velocity sensitivity isn’t as good as on other keyboards I’ve played, and the pitch bend and mod buttons provide no gradation; they’re either on or off. I just resorted to editing post record.

I would buy one again though, just for the price point.

There’s a few youtube videos A/B ing various minikeys.

Thanks. Yes seems like a lot of stores here have gear on back order maybe due to the crazy Covid laws they have going now. Can’t wait for mine as I need it now.
I looked have looked at endless Youtube, but you end up going boncos and it all becomes so confusing.

I also at the MPK Mini and Nektar SE25 both come with good reviews and they are available. Big price dif but maybe worth the extra.

I eventually bought the Nektar SE 25 and trying to set it up in CB. Started another thread about it.