Solved: Help with Punch In, History and Midi windows at bottom of Project?

I’m sure this has been asked but how do I move these windows from the bottom of my Project window? They are worthless to me in the default setup position. Dragging them to a different place would be a nice feature. Anybody?

Not exactly sure what you are referring to by “windows” but if you meant the items shown on the Transport Bar at the bottom then click on the Gear icon on the far right and change what is visible.

If that is not what you mean then maybe a pic would be helpful.

Thank, Rodger. I did click on the gear to the right and did see ‘punch in’, ‘Midi’, etc., but I don’t understand how these items are controlling what I need controlled? What am I missing? As you can see in the pic, I had to raise the entire Project window to see the full window I’m concerned about. If I could drag these windows to another position they might even be useful.

i think if you Maximise the whole Project window, so that it covers the whole screen (as opposed to manually dragging the edges to where you want) then those menus will pop up “inside” and you’ll be able to see the whole thing.

Thanks jgg, this really helped me sort this out. Seems an odd deal. You are correct that if I maximize the project window then the windows in question open inside the project, but I am reduced to one monitor for the project (with the Task Bar covered by the project window, BTW). True, I can open my mixer (and plugins, and the Master Control) on the other monitor and this no doubt explains what I’ve read about with some ppl’s setup with two monitors. However after more clicking and dragging, it turns out that it is the Task Bar itself that is the problem. If I drag the project window down low enough that it touches the Task Bar, then the windows I’m talking about open into the project, full reveal. However if I raise the project window above the Task Bar, then the windows open downward, obscuring all the info in the windows.

So I opted to hide the Task Bar (a Win10 option) and then drag my project pretty much full screen, except I have to make sure that I don’t touch the Cubase main header (File/Edit/Project/Audio/etc.) with the project window and everything works well. See picture:

So thank you for helping me get this sorted, jgg,I’ve accepted some awkward aspects of Cubase over the years but I have learned in this case I don’t have to.