'SOLVED' Horrendous issues with SL9 and new Asus GT 730 graphics card

Im having major issues with a new graphics card i’ve installed which is the
ASUS GeForce® GT 730 | Graphics Card | ASUS Global - Tech Specs
While using the trackball and running Latency mon every time i move the track ball the latency mon shoots over to the red , you can hear some much clicking and popping it’s more like distortion but as soon as i stop moving the mouse /trackball there’s no clicking and popping , i know . the two cluprits are WDF01000.sys and dxgkrnl.sys , Afaik ALL drivers are upto date . I renewed from an old Radeon card and was quite hesitant about swapping to Geforce because of their horrendous history , im just after advice to see if there’s anythnig i can do to improve this issue …
In close zoom in Spectral layer it’s nearly completely unusable due to the audio dropouts .
System specs in the signature .


Even though that graphics card is pretty old, I dont believe the graphics card would matter either way because I dont believe spectralayers is optimized to hardware acceleration anyways.

I believe the main developer is working on performance optimizations, hopefully this would include heavy performance optimizations on the gpu level and on cpu level.

Hi ,there are a few different versions of the GT370 , this one is still readily available in computer stores , even Computer audio stores . Ive just been having terrible trouble trying to get a decent DPC reading , all background apps have been turned off and loads of optimising has been done today but still i have loads of clicking . Cubase and Wavelab are fine but as soon as you move the trackball on to the SL screen the LM dpc hits the red . I know this isn’t the best Graphics card in the world but i was hoping for a little better performance plus Steinberg support from the 700 series upwards

Thought i would follow this up , ive spent a whole day optimising this pc and i mean going to depths i have never been too :grin: But i’m glad to say i’ve now managed to keep the latency down below 300us over an hour with the max and min of real time to 0-85us , disabling Hpet which made quite a bit of difference .
All running well now :+1: :+1: