[Solved] Host set preset name

Hi all,

I must be missing something very simple… how does the VST3 plug-in get notified of the preset name when the preset is saved through the host interface?


  • Urs

you can check the example in again.cpp:

tresult PLUGIN_API AGain::setState (IBStream* state)
	// Example of using the IStreamAttributes interface
	FUnknownPtr<IStreamAttributes> stream (state);
	if (stream)
		IAttributeList* list = stream->getAttributes ();
		if (list)
			// get the current type (project/Default..) of this state
			String128 string = {0};
			if (list->getString (PresetAttributes::kStateType, string, 128 * sizeof (TChar)) == kResultTrue)
				UString128 tmp (string);
				char ascii[128];
				tmp.toAscii (ascii, 128);
				if (!strncmp (ascii, StateType::kProject, strlen (StateType::kProject)))
					// we are in project loading context...

			// get the full file path of this state
			TChar fullPath[1024];
			memset (fullPath, 0, 1024 * sizeof (TChar));
			if (list->getString (PresetAttributes::kFilePathStringType, fullPath, 1024 * sizeof (TChar)) == kResultTrue)
				// here we have the full path ...


Cool, thanks - I’ll check this out!

If you just want to get the preset name (for getState and setState): works under Cubase/Nuendo/Dorico

FUnknownPtr stream (state);
String128 name;
if (stream)
stream->getFileName (name);