[SOLVED] How do I open CB2 projects in CB3

I’m not having any luck. Can someone please explain…

Hi lsd87,
I have simply copied the c2 project’s folder and pasted it into the corresponding location in c3. It will then show up in c3 under projects. This is of course a duplicate of the original project folder.

I’ve tried this and the tracks are there, but the’re empty tracks. I created a sub folder and named it cb2, then copied all the projects.

Actually, I seem to be having the same issue. I expected the transfer to be straightforward, as the audio in the project’s audio folder was transferred also. I must have tested this with a project that contained no audio. With projects containing audio, the audio events are indeed empty when I open the project. I need to check this later when I’m on my iPad.

Hi lsd87,

Please try these steps:

  • Please open Cubasis 2
  • Go to Media/Projects and select a project
  • Tap “Share”, “More” and “More” and choose “Copy to Cubasis 3”

Please let me know about your results.


That worked…thanks! However, when I initially opened the project in Cubasis 3 the playback tempo was extremely slow, even though the indicated tempo was correct. I restarted CB3 and it was fine. So I guess they need to shared 1 project at a time, but that’s okay!

Thanks Lars…


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your feedback.

Our engineering addressed several project import topics with the latest Cubasis 3.0.1 update.
Would you be able to share the original Cubasis 2 project with us, which created intermittent playback tempo issues?


I can’t remember which one it was. Sorry…

Hi lsd87,

No problem, but the problem seems be solved anyway, correct?



Thanks again Lars…

Thanks for the confirmation, lsd!


I tried the above and it didn’t work.
My copied project appears in the CB3 media bay but when I open it there’s nothing in the arranger window.
Any ideas?

Hi timski,

Thank you for your message.

Does the transferred project works fine with Cubasis 2?
If possible, please share the Cubasis 2 project with me (e.g. upload via Dropbox, link via PM), so we can give it a check.