[SOLVED] How do I record MIDI insert as MIDI?

Hi all,

As the title says…

I have Arpache SX as a MIDI insert on a track and want to record the notes generated by Arpache SX as a MIDI item so I can edit it a bit.

I have a Chord Track and am sending that to a MIDI track that outputs to Halion Sonic SE.
I can hear 1 piano chord per bar as expected.
I insert Arpache SX as a MIDI insert on the MIDI track.
I can hear it playing arpeggios, as expected.

I click on the “Record Output to Track” button for Arpache SX and the arpeggios disappear and I just hear 1 chord per bar as if Arpache SX was not active.

I’ve tried record enabling the MIDI track with Arpache X on it and hitting record, but nothing is recorded.

I’ve tried dragging the chords from the chord track to the MIDI track to create a MIDI item with the chords, and then muting the Chord track, but it still won’t record.

I must be missing some simple step, but can’t figure it out.
Page 657 of the manual says that activating the “Record Outpur to Track” button should do it, but it seems to disable Arpache SX for me…

Help, please :slight_smile:

made a quick search because i didn’t know from memory see if this helps

from http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jan08/articles/cubsasetech_0108.htm

To do this, you need to use the Merge MIDI In Loop function. First, you solo the MIDI track that contains the MIDI part you wish to process. The Left and Right locators must then be set around this part (if you select the part and then press ‘P’, which is the ‘Locators To Selection’ key command, the locators will automatically be placed around it). The MIDI / Merge MIDI In Loop menu option will then bring up a small dialogue box, and if you tick the ‘Include Inserts’ and ‘Erase Destination’ options Cubase will obligingly replace the existing MIDI part (which will usually be the chords you are using to drive Arpache) with the actual notes that have been created by the arpeggio process — very neat! Once you’re done with processing, though, make sure you deactivate the Arpache plug-in on the track, or you’ll find yourself facing arpeggiated mayhem! .


Thank you so much!
That works like a charm.

I don’t know what the manual is going on about on page 657 then… The “Record Output to Track” button doesn’t do what it says, and it doesn’t mention using the Merge MIDI function to record a MIDI effect.

Steinberg should update the manual so the next person that wants to know how to record a MIDI effect can find the correct instructions in the manual :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, with the “Record Output to Track” option, playing a MIDI track from the Chord Track is the exception. In all other cases it does work as described in the manual (including when using Chord Pads). I agree, at very least (i.e. if there are technical reasons that prevent it from working in conjunction with the Chord Track, as opposed to it being a bug :wink: ), the manual should mention this limitation.
(The “Merge MIDI in Loop” function used to be the only way to get MIDI Inserts recorded.)

Rich, thanks for responding quickly and directing me to this thread.

“Merge Midi in Loop” Who’d a thunk it! heh! :smiling_imp:

Adding annotation to the Operations Manual next time I’m on the workstation. :nerd:

I was that next person. :frowning: hah

Is there a way to do this in real-time (as Arpache insert spits out MIDI) instead of laying it all down and then merging or freezing it?

I also use Midi modifiers to add some randomization to arpeggios. When I hear something I like , I stop it and want to grab that at that time.

I think perhaps “Freeze Midi Modifiers” is what you are looking for (in the midi menu)

old thread but this is supper helpful video


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