[SOLVED] How do I repeat a loop?

In garage band, I can repeat a loop simply by dragging and extending its left boundary.

When I do the same in cubasis, the event lengthens, but the loop does not repeat.

Is there a way to repeat a loop without copy-paste-copy-paste?


unfortunately for now only with copy/ paste. For anybody else here again a basic explanation:

  • Import a loop that matches to the song tempo of your project
  • Make sure that the beginning and end of the loop matches to the grid
  • Set the playhead/cursor to the beginning of the event
  • Use copy/paste to create copies of the event that will be properly aligned after the original event (on the selected track)
  • You can speed up the process by selecting a group of the loop and copy paste.


Thanks, and not so horrible. I just wondered if I was missing something.

Thanks for a great app!


we thank you! :sunglasses:


I make a lot of audio sections I want to loop but I don’t know the tempo.

I’d love to be able to import such sections, select the event in Cubasis, then have it calculate a matching tempo based on Telling CB whether the event is meant to be 1/2/3/4 /8 bars or whatever it is. basically just warping the grid … TimeWarp in Cubase right? Then additional MIDI notes can be recorded and quantized in time!

Copy and paste to repeat the ‘loop’ is fine by me…

Would this be added in future update

The heck with copy & paste! ⌘+D (or ctrl+D) will duplicate a loop for as many times as you press it!

Remember that it will make the dupe start right at the end of the original. So get the loop—or the clip boundary—exactly ending on the grid.

Unfortunately, that’s a Mac command. It’ll work in Cubase, but not in Cubasis, which is a iPad app.

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