[SOLVED] How do you delete the preloaded demos in Cubasis?

Hello. I was wondering if there is a way to
delete the preloaded demos in Cubasis?

I dont need the demos so I’d rather get the
hard drive space back on my iPad.

Thank you


unfortunately there is no regular option to delete the factory content.


Thank you. Cubasis Staff, an option to delete the demos would be a nice feature on the next upgrade.

Hi aiden13,

We’ll discuss and evaluate the option.


I would also like this option. Having looked at the the demos I have no further need for them and they just clutter the list.

If you download iFunbox, you can browse the files in the Cubase sandbox on your iPad.
You can delete the demo project folders from the “Projects” folder there.
You don’t need to do jailbreak your ipad or anything.

Hello Richlum, is iFunbox a windows app b/c I did not find it in the iOS app store?

I see no one answered this, and you probably Googled it, but… iFunBox is available on Mac, too. Beware that the current 1.8 version doesn’t work on Snow Leopard. Some of the UI is powered by internal web browser. As a consequence, the old 1.5 version of iFunBox references web URLs that have since been taken over by malicious content.

When working, iFunBox does let you xfer and manage the content of app document folders, including deletion of document folder contents.

This can be done now without installing any apps. Go to Files/on my iPad/Cubasis/Projects and just select and delete them.

Thank you Astrolasia.

Or, when Cubasis gets subfolders (soon), they could be moved into a Demos subfolder :slight_smile: