[SOLVED] How To Edit Copyright and Page Numbers


How do I edit the copyright so it stays all on one line and change the page-numbering so they are all on the right hand side?

I go to ‘Engrave’ mode and see the frames there. I am able to edit the copyright text but it ends up on two lines even thought there is/are just one/two words each line. Similarly I can find no way of moving the page numbers to the right hand side of the frame.

I just know this must be so easy to do but I can find no info on how-to.

Many thanks.

You should be able to edit the copyright text in the File > Project Info dialog: simply removing any line breaks from the text there should take care of that.

To move the page numbers, double-click the master page you’re using: if it’s the first page of the flow, it’ll be the First master page, and for subsequent pages it’ll be the Default master page. Note that each master page consists of both a left-hand and a right-hand page, so you need to edit both pages. John’s Discover Dorico session from January shows some good examples of editing master pages: you can watch it here.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your reply and the video link. I realise now I was doing it all wrong but from your info I’ve found how the editing is done … I think. :slight_smile: